Bed Occupancy Sensor

At Tunstall Emergency Response, we specialise in helping you and your loved ones to live independently at home for longer, to stay safe at home and to always have the care and reassurance you need for independent living. Our entire reason for being is to ensure that you enjoy life, knowing that you are in safe hands.

With that in mind, our Bed Occupancy Sensor provides an early warning to carers by alerting the carer that a patient or vulnerable loved one has left their bed and not returned within a defined period of time, indicating a possible fall. The Bed Occupancy Sensor detects if the bed is occupied or unoccupied during set times and will detect if your patient or loved one has not gone to bed, has gotten up from bed and not returned within a certain time frame, or has not gotten up in the morning, thus alerting carers to potentially unusual or dangerous situations. If any of these situations are detected, the sensor will trigger an alarm to our 24 hour monitoring centre or alert an onsite carer.



In addition, the sensor can be programmed to switch on lights, helping a patient or loved one to more easily find their way to and from bed easily. It can be configured to trigger lights or lamps automatically when a patient or loved one gets up, and to switch off when they go back to bed. This can significantly reduce the likelihood of tripping or falling during the night by helping people find their way to and from bed easily.

The bed occupancy sensor consists of a bed pressure pad, which is placed underneath the bed mattress. The bed sensor raises an alarm should the person get out of bed and not return by a certain time. The sensor can also raise an alert if the person doesn’t go to bed by a certain time or doesn’t get up by a certain time in the morning, in order to help identify potential issues at an early stage.

The solution can be tailored to suit the specific daily activities of the individual. There is an optional facility available to automatically turn on a light to minimise the risk of falling should the person get out of bed.

Download our Occupancy Sensors Datasheet here.

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