Falls are the largest cause of emergency admittance to hospital for people aged over 65 in Ireland

A fall is often the single biggest catalyst for major, unsettling change in the lives of those who are vulnerable. Major, upsetting changes might include a move to a nursing home or seeking costly full time home care.

For family and friends, the fear of a vulnerable loved one falling and hurting themselves is a constant worry and the cost of nursing homes and full time care can be prohibitive.

The SolutioniViPendantwithCord

However, when an elderly or vulnerable family member or friend falls, it need not be such a life changing event.

Our Tunstall Emergency Response products and monitoring centre provide the ideal solution and allow your loved ones to live more independently, for longer at home.

By wearing sensors such as our fall detectors, your loved one is reassured that should they have a fall, they can immediately contact our compassionate and diligent staff at our monitoring centre at the push of a button. There is an added layer of reassurance too – a call can be automatically placed to the monitoring centre when a fall is detected, just in case your loved one cannot push the button themselves.

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