Did you know that over 200,000 people in Ireland currently have Diabetes?BloodSugar2

– 20,000 people in Ireland have Type 1 Diabetes.

– 2,500 Children & Teens under the age of 19 have Type 1 Diabetes.

– On average 314 Irish legs will be amputated because of complications of Diabetes this year.

– 440 Irish people die because of Diabetes every year

Symptoms of Diabetes can range in severity, depending on the the case and managing those symptoms can often be a source of stress and worry.



The Solution

The good news is that the management of symptoms no longer needs to be such a source of worry.

With the availability of Tunstall’s Telecare solutions, such as sensors around the home that automatically connect to our 24 hour monitoring centre, you can enjoy life, knowing you are in safe hands.

 iVi Fall Detector

 Bed Occupancy Sensor

 Bed Guardian System

 Bedside Companion System

 Pull Cord

 Passive Infra-Red Detectors


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