As anyone who has family or loved ones with a disability will tell you, maintaining their independence and dignity is vitally important

Disabilities, whether physical or cognitive present unique challenges for those affected. Assistive technology helps create a safe environment to give clients, their loved ones and carers peace of mind that help is always at close at hand.


The Solution

holdinghands2The outcome for a loved one suffering with a disability need not be one of living a limited life. It is possible for our family and friends with disabilities to live full, independent, satisfying lives at home and for caring family and friends to continue to live a life free from worry about those who we care about most.

Our Emergency Response 24/7 products and team of caring, compassionate staff are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you out and make life so much easier.


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 iVi Fall Detector

 Property Exit Sensor (virtual)

 Bed Occupancy Sensor

Passive Infrared Detector for Activity/Inactivity

Care Clip

 Flood Detector

 Temperature Extreme Sensor

 Carbon Monoxide Sensor