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Carecom advanced care assist system – created for people, not buildings

Carecom personalised systems ensure resident safety with minimal disruption to others in the home, respectingindividual dignity while improving management insights, workflow efficiencies, staff morale and quality of care’.

Care assist systems play an important role in resident safety, but traditional installations are cumbersome and generic – designed around buildings rather than people and sounding throughout the home in the case of an incident, causing disturbance and stress for residents, staff and visiting family.

Carecom allows for infection control “bubbles” or carer/resident zones to be created.

The devastating impact on care-home residents of the first peak of Covid-19 is impacting the uptake of care home places, with potential residents and their families fearful of:

Carecom facilitates the creation of distinct bubbles within the home to facilitate:

The same Carecom functionality can be used to drive efficiencies by creating practical zones in the home according to its architecture.

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Carecom: Created for people


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