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Case Studies

Bed Leaving | Irish Hospital

Client Requirement

A large regional hospital needed a falls prevention solution to cover several wards throughout the hospital.

The present system they had in place was not working satisfactory for a variety of reasons and they were anxious to put in place a system that worked well for both the patients and staff.

What We Delivered

After consultation with the stakeholders including clinical nurse managers and the hospital infection control department it was agreed to roll out the installation of bed and chair leaving sensors in 6 wards.

The installation consisted of a combination of bed and chair sensors depending on the requirements of each ward. Everyone felt it was best to separate the falls prevention sensors from the general nurse call system therefore the sensors were programmed into pagers carried by the staff.

By doing it this way alerts from patients exiting beds or chairs were more readily identifiable and are acted upon quickly allowing staff to assist the patient.

Our Solution

The initial installation was for 2 to 3 bed and chair sensors per ward as the hospital wanted to make sure that the system worked well for all concerned before proceeding with a larger roll out. After 5 weeks the hospital were happy and confident enough to place a larger order to provide more sensors for each ward.

Project Highlights

Six months into project the feedback from the hospital is that the system has contributed greatly to the reduction in falls. The staff find the bed and chair sensors easy to use and manage and the pagers give a very immediate indication of bed/chair vacation.

Nursecall System | Irish Care Home

Client Requirement

We were approached by a client who was developing a new nursing home and needed to install a nurse call system. One of the main requirements in considering a nurse call system was to maximise staff time and to eliminate unnecessary trips to the patients rooms while at the same time ensuring a quick response to their needs. The customer also wanted to have a system that looked well and match in with the modern look of a new nursing home.

What We Delivered

After consultation with the client and their architect it was agreed that the best solution to satisfy
the specifications was the Tunstall Flamenco Nurse Call System. This system is manufactured by Tunstall Germany and as you would expect meets stringent safety standards for nurse call system. One of the main features and benefits of the Flamenco system is that it voice enabled allowing staff to speak to patients when they are looking for assistance.

This means that staff can very easily ascertain the patient’s needs even before attending the room which saves valuable time but it also means the patient gets a more positive and personal response. In fact studies carried out in Germany have shown that time spent responding to patient calls can be reduced by up to 35% by the use of voice communications on a nurse call system.

Our Solution

We installed a speech enabled room unit in each bedroom combined with an over door light and a pear push call point at each bed. The pear push has the added feature of being able to turn on/off the bedroom lights giving added convenience to the patient.

There is also a pullcord in the bathrooms.

The nursing home have also installed some Tunstall telecare sensors such as bed leaving and personal pendants for some of the patients.

These are wirelessly connected to the system. By adding these sensors the nursing home have been able to easily meet the needs of those patients who need a higher level of care.

Project Highlights

The system has now been in place for nearly a year and the owner, staff and patients have had a very positive experience with the system. From the owners point of view they have a state of the art system which is reliable and trouble free, the staff are very happy that they can make the most efficient use of their time and respond to patients needs more quickly, the patients find the system easy to use and like the idea of being able to speak to staff when they need assistance.

Social Care | Independent Living

Client Requirement

A large national housing body building a new sheltered housing/assisted living apartment block.

The customer requires a system to be installed to allow residents to live independently but to also be able to easily call for assistance if required. They also requested that the door entry system and intercom system be incorporated for ease of use and budgetary reasons.

What We Delivered

After consultation with the housing body and their engineers it was decided that the best solution was the Tunstall Communicall Vi system.

The client was very familiar with the Communicall system as they are installed in their other sheltered housing projects as well. The system consists of a speech module in each apartment with a pull-cord in the bathroom.

The pendants work throughout the apartment block and grounds and not just in their own apartment which allows them to call for assistance from wherever they need to.

Our Solution

We installed a speech enabled room unit in each bedroom combined with an over door light and a pear push call point at each bed. The pear push has the added feature of being able to turn on/off the bedroom lights giving added convenience to the patient.

A Communicall Vi door panel with integrated key-fob reader was installed at the main apartment entrance door and main entrance gate.

The door panels allow the system to act as an intercom system and door entry system without the extra costs of standalone systems.

Residents use the fob reader to enter the building and visitors can call an apartment from the door panel and speak to the resident.

The resident can then unlock the main door from the apartment to let the visitor in if they wish to do so. Having all systems combined (emergency call, intercom and door access) gives ease of use for the resident while maintaining the security of the building all very important requirements for a sheltered housing development.

Project Highlights

The system is linked to a 24 hour monitoring centre ensuring a fast and efficient response to any call from a resident.

Each resident was issued with a MyAmie personal pendant and key-fobs.

We have expert in-depth knowledge of the care sector.

We strive to provide un-paralleled support in providing modern care solutions.

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