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Case Study: Fall Prevention, John.


John lives on his own, has poor mobility, and is unfortunately prone to falls.

He recently had a fall where he was on the floor all night until a neighbour found him the next morning.

John was immediately admitted to a hospital, but after a check-up the hospital was reluctant to allow him to return home as he was still in danger of falling again. John desperately wanted to return to his home.

Tunstall Emergency Response was tasked with assessing John’s needs in order to allow him to live at home independently with the help of our home product solutions.

A Lifeline Vi Unit with a Vibby fall detector in order to help John to live independently and safely.

Once the assessment was made and the solution agreed with John our team installed the following equipment – A Lifeline Vi Unit with a Vibby fall detector in order to help John to live independently and safely.

The Vibby fall detector is a wrist-worn device with a built-in panic button. If John has another fall, the Vibby fall detector would automatically dial through to our 24-hour monitoring centre where, the staff can speak to John throughout Lifeline Vi Unit to deal with the situation effectively.

Our team also installed a bed pad for John. This bed pad is programmed with a specified time limit by John in the event where he got up during the night and did not get back in bed within the set time, it would alert the monitoring centre.

Lifeline Vi | Fall Prevention | Monitoring Centre

We also installed a monitored smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm. These are also connected to our 24-hour monitoring centre.

John also has a bogus caller button placed at his door, in the event he has someone at the door where he is concerned or worried, he can simply press the button to alert us.

John was very happy with the products we installed which have helped him live at home independently with the support and security he needs in case of a fall.

Price Range €335 -€714 *Price will depend on individual needs & requirements* 

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