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The Importance of Out of Hours Monitoring

Out of Ours Monitoring, Tunstall Emergency Ireland

Out-of-hours monitoring is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of residents in housing bodies. It involves the use of telecare technology to monitor residents during non-business hours when on-site staff may be lower or not available.

Case Study: Rose hill walking alone

Rose Case Study | Hill Walking Alone | Fall Prevention

Proving safety products solutions for our customers is our mission. We were delighted to assist Rose and her family in helping them ensure her safety while out hill walking.

Rose is an active person who enjoys hill walking, and she would generally go walking on her own in remote areas. Her family has concerns about her safety so they approached us for a solution. 

Case Study: David & Rita

Case Study: David & Rita individual homecare needs, Fall Prevention

He suffers from profound deafness & his wife is prone to falls. Rita has spent long periods of time on the ground as he can’t hear her.