Dementia & Alzheimer's

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, about 41,700 people across Ireland are currently suffering from dementia. One in three people over 65 will develop dementia and about two thirds of people in long-stay care have dementia.

This debilitating disease can be not only confusing but also very lonely for sufferers and can be a difficult time for family and loved ones, especially when seeking the best and the right kind of care for those who you care about most.

However, the outcome need not be as bleak as you initially feared. In fact, the range of solutions on offer today can actually enhance the life of the patient and carer and allow your loved one to live at home, independently, for longer!

In the past there have been few alternatives to nursing homes and this change of environment can actually be detrimental and distressing for those with cognitive impairments.

Tunstall Emergency Response’s dementia solution can be tailored to suit the individual concerned and protect them from dangers such as wandering, fire, floods and bogus callers.  What is more, the solution enables people with dementia to remain in their own home, reducing the anxiety and distress of being moved which can result in the rapid deterioration of their condition.

Alarm & Fall Badge P135Mk2

alarm and fall badge

Alarm & Fall Badge P135Mk2 The P135A Alarm Badge is a small alarm detector capable of: Calling for assistance when pressed When stood on a table it can be used […]

Bed Vacation Sensing

Bed Occupancy Sensor

Bed Vacation Sensing The Bed Vacation Sensing system consists of three components; a bed sensor which is located on top of or beneath the mattress (depending on your choice of sensor), […]

Bed Wedge Sensor

Bed Wedge Sensor

Bed Wedge Sensor P144A Bed Leg Weight Sensor. This is ideal for domestic style beds, which are not often moved. It is set by adjusting an internal spring tension for […]



Canary Summary of Activity: Movement detected High temperature reading Visitor card tapped Door open/closed Low temperature reading Hub power status Find Out More Today Key Features of the Canary: ROUTINESee […]



CareAssist As a carer, living on-site or in-home with an elderly or vulnerable person, it is important to be able to effectively monitor your patient or loved one to ensure […]

Chair Occupancy Sensor

Bed & Chair Occupancy Sensor

The Chair Occupancy Sensor provides real time alerts when a patient or loved one leaves a chair. This is of great benefit in preventing falls or notifying carers of potential issues with wheelchair users

Door Activity Monitor

Door Activity Sensor

Door Activity Sensor The Alert-iT door sensor is a small alarm detector capable of detecting activity at a door. It is ideal for detecting clients who may wander out of a […]

Enuresis Sensor

Enuresis Sensor

Placed between the mattress and sheet, this sensor provides immediate warning on detection of moisture, allowing effective action to be taken. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting dignity and independence.

Infrared Activity Sensor

Passive Infra-Red Detectors for Activity/Inactivity​ Infra-Red Detectors are designed to detect motion in the home and are highly customizable so they can detect both activity and inactivity. The sensor can […]

Medication Dispensers

Medication Dispensers When a family member, friend or loved one lives alone or starts to age, become forgetful or is otherwise vulnerable, this can often lead to a period of […]

Moisture Sensing Sheets

Moisture Sensing Sheets​ If you have loved ones who are experiencing some loss in their mobility, their awareness or their independence you will know that maintaining the dignity and discretion of […]

Motion Detector

Motion Detection Sensor

Motion Detector A discreet detection unit with an infra red motion detector remote from the bed. The alarm is raised as soon as the users foot descends to the floor. […]

Natural Gas Detector (plug in)

Natural Gas Detector (plug in)

This natural gas detector is designed to simplify the installation of a gas detector by removing the need for installation by a qualified electrician. It is supplied complete with standard mains plug (with 2metre cable) and a preconfigured universal sensor.

Person Detection Beacon


Person Detection Beacon The IS76 Person Detection Beacon is designed to allow the locating of any person wearing a radio transmitter in the nearby vicinity. Its separate Ferrite Antenna generates […]

Portable Enuresis Support

Portable Enuresis Support System

When a loved one lives alone or needs regular care, it is vital to know when they need assistance so that they are not left in an uncomfortable or degrading situation. The Portable Enuresis Support System comprises of a small detector unit which fits snuggly onto the waist band of incontinence pads or underwear.

Pressure Mat

Pressure Mat

Pressure Mat​ Tunstall Emergency Response’s pressure mat monitors movement in specific areas of the home, such as next to the bed or by the bathroom. Find Out More Today Benefits […]

Radio Sense-IT Bed Vacation Monitor

Radio Sense-IT Bed Vacation Monitor

Radio Sense-IT Bed Vacation Monitor Information available soon.   For additional information about the Radio Sense-IT Bed Vacation Monitor, please get in touch… Contact us National Awards Tunstall Emergency Response […]

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector Our Smoke Detectors provide increased reassurance by not only sensing smoke in the home and raising an audible alarm but also raising a call to the our 24 […]

Smoke Detector (monitored)

If you have family or friends who are vulnerable or living alone, you will already know that worrying about their welfare and safety is inevitable. At Tunstall Emergency Response we […]

Sound Monitor

Sound Monitor

Sound Monitor When the sound monitor is activated, it signals the receiver that notifies you with sound, flashes or vibrations (depending on the receiver). The Sound Monitor can also be […]

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National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

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International Awards

Tunstall’s tele-assistance service in Spain was recognised for its transformational approach to health and care last night, winning the International TEC category at the International Technology Enabled Care Awards (ITEC), hosted by the TEC Services Association (TSA).