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Diabetic Solutions

At Tunstall Emergency Response, we provide the most up to date and modern technology to support people in the home and within the medical care system.

Recognising the challenges that diabetics may encounter, we’ve curated a selection of products that serve as invaluable assets for those living independently, as well as their caregivers and healthcare providers. Our product range encompasses advanced solutions such as the Radio Pager, Portable Enuresis Support, and Enuresis Sensor.

These state-of-the-art devices seamlessly interface with our 24-hour monitoring center, staffed by a dedicated team of extensively trained professionals. Their unwavering commitment ensures swift responses and round-the-clock support, underscoring Tunstall’s dedication to delivering the highest standard of care and assistance. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals to lead lives to the fullest, free from unnecessary limitations.

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