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Frequently Asked Questions

Our social monitored alarms consist of a Lifeline unit and a MyAmie pendant and are connected to our monitoring centre where help is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If assistance is required just press a button and within seconds you will be in contact with one of our trained operatives. We can talk to you through the unit and assess the nature of the problem. Grant funding for you social monitored alarm may be applied for through your local community group.

Telecare is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage the risks associated with independent living. Telecare involves placing a variety of discreet sensors around the home, to monitor for environmental risks such as smoke, floods and gas, and personal risks such as falls, epilepsy and property exit.

Telehealth is the consistent, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of a patient’s vital signs through the use of easy to use equipment that healthcare professionals can customise to each patient,enabling individuals to manage their own condition more effectively at home.

Tunstall’s range of telehealth solutions offer a way of delivering tailored care for patients with long term conditions in their own homes, improving quality of life and preventing avoidable hospital admissions.

The Seniors Alert Scheme is run by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government and aims to encourage community support for vulnerable older people.  It provides grant assistance towards the purchase and installation of monitored personal alarms to enable older persons without sufficient means to continue to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind.

Grant support can be accessed through community and voluntary groups registered with the Department.  All applications for grant support must be submitted through these groups. Click here for information on the Seniors Alert Grant

No.  When an alert is received in the monitoring centre from your home we firstly try to talk to you on the unit.  If you do not answer we will phone you on the numbers you supply when your unit is installed.  Also at installation time you will be asked to provide names and numbers for at least 3 contacts.  In the case where the operator has not managed to get in touch with you on your own phone your contacts will be called.

It is when we cannot get in touch with you, or any of your contacts that we would call the Emergency Services.  Also Emergency Service will always be called if requested by your contacts.

Many consumers have decided to shop around when it comes to their home telephone. If you are switching companies your new provider may not be able to answer your questions regarding how this switch will affect your Tunstall Emergency Response unit.

Currently our units are compatible with the following service providers:

  • Air Wired Broadband (Galway)
  • DigiWeb ( Kilkenny)
  • Eir
  • Fast Com (Sligo)
  • Imagine
  • Rapid Broadband (Galway)
  • Siro
  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

If you plan to switch to any of the providers below, please call our service department firstly on 0818 999247  to allow us to discuss the options with you.
Anvil Communication
Aptus Phone System
Pure Telecom

Since the government decided to discontinue the telephone allowance we have had inquiries from many people about this subject.  There is a solution.  Please see details of the Lifeline Dual which uses the mobile phone network here

We recommend that you test your pendant at least once a month.  That will reassure you that the Lifeline unit and pendant are both working correctly.  It also helps to keep the battery in the pendant charged up.  If you are concerned that the unit, pendant, or any of the peripherals are not working correctly please contact us.  Our service department operates from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday,and can be reached on  0818 999247 (Option 3).  If you are calling from outside Ireland please call +353 (0)53 9376400.

Lifeline units and pendants can be reused.  They must first be sent back to Tunstall Emergency Response to be remove the data relating to the original user.  Please contact our sales department for 0818 999247  more information.

Product Queries

The red light should be constantly on. If it is flashing and the unit is beeping this generally means there is a problem with your power. Try plugging out the power supply and pushing it back in firmly again then press the dark green cancel button. If this does not solve the problem try some other electric appliance in the socket to check if the socket is working. In the event of there being further problems please contact our services department.

The small green light flashing indicates there is a problem with your phone line and the unit is not getting a line. Disconnect unit from socket and plug phone directly into socket and try dialling a number, if there is still a problem contact your phone provider.

It is recommended that the pendant is not immersed in water or long periods of time, but an be worn in the shower or bath.

The pendant has a range of approximately 50m and can be worn inside the house and outside in the garden.

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