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Flamenco IP+ (Nurse Call)-Tunstall Emergency Response

Flamenco IP+ (Nurse Call)

Flamenco IP is an all-purpose communications platform for modern care organisations and can be integrated easily and flexibly into existing IT infrastructures. The system is designed for use in hospitals, nursing and care homes, and similar institutions.

Flamenco IP Nurse call systems are designed for requesting help quickly, reliably, and specifically in emergency and dangerous situations. The functional reliability of the system saves lives. Through our competent and comprehensive service and the high-quality components and system modules of our systems, we ensure that Flamenco IP+ always remains functional and safe.

With Flamenco IP we have already taken the first step towards a digital nurse call system that supports nursing staff, helps patients, and simplifies organisation. With Flamenco IP+ we’re going one step further: As a communication and coordination platform in hospitals, the new nurse call system leverages the potential of digitisation and now brings full IP right into the patient’s room.

The future of hospitals is digitisation. IP connectivity and compatibility means more cooperation, efficiency and time for the things that really matter. Everyone can potentially communicate with anyone else around them; each device can be connected to any other. Emergency call notifications or X-rays, telephone conversations or video streams: all information reaches the right person at the right time.

As a pioneer with the highest level of competence and an experienced innovator, Tunstall enjoys an excellent reputation. More and more institutions around the world are placing their trust in us: Hospitals and care homes. That’s why we make every effort not only to meet these expectations, but also to quality, absolute customer orientation and perfect service.

In the further development of our products, we work hand in hand with our customers in order to to continuously incorporate questions, suggestions and wishes into new solutions. Inspired again and again by new ideas, this has made us the international innovation market leader.

And that’s what we came up with for you: Versatile integration options with a wealth of possibilities of systems and peripheral devices, simple installation and maintenance through ready-made Plug-and-play components, maximum organizational freedom and, last but not least, an excellent Design of all operating devices and that reliably in function and quality. Typical Tunstall!

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