The PanPan Smartwatch is designed to set peace of mind for seniors and their families. It works with a monitoring platform for emergency reaction and a mobile app for family members to be informed.

It has an intuitive user interaction with a single button. The features and technical details are as follows. 

PanPan smart watch for Seniors



Your portable personal alarm and location reporting device.

A personal alarm device with location reporting that combines roaming GSM (mobile communication) and GPS (satellite-based navigation) technologies and is the size of a security key fob for ease of wearing on a lanyard or key-ring.

It also has a panic alarm button in the center of its casing for ease of use in case of emergency.


A proven and reliable detection system for epileptic seizures  during sleep.

It detects 9 out of 10 clinically urgent seizures in their early stage. NightWatch is a safe and effective seizure-detection system.

NightWatch is intended for patients, parents/caregivers and care professionals who are searching for an effective way to be warned on time about epileptic seizures during sleep.

Your Love Ones Safe