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Products that can Help Your Loved One Live at Home Independently Instead of a Care Home

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Products that can Help Your Loved One Live at Home Independently Instead of a Care Home

Are you concerned about your elderly loved ones living alone? Tunstall Emergency Response can help your loved one live at home independently instead of a Care Home.

Traditionally, care facilities have been the go-to choice for many families but due to advances in digital technology, there are other choices accessible to you and your love ones. Digital product solutions like those provided by Tunstall Emergency Response may provide your loved ones the freedom to live in the convenience of their own homes while giving you peace of mind that they have extra supports available when you can’t be there.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how using digital solutions can help our loved one live at home independently instead of a Care Home.

24/7 Remote Monitoring and Assistance:

Tunstall’s digital solutions offer remote monitoring capabilities that enable caregivers to keep an eye on their loved ones from afar. Through sensors and wearable devices, vital information like heart rate, blood pressure & movement patterns can be monitored.

In case of any irregularities, falls or emergencies, an alarm is triggered, and our 24//7 monitoring center or family members. This proactive approach ensures quick responses, minimising the risk of accidents or health complications. This service can be part of your home care plan that helps your loved ones live at home.

Bogus Caller Button

The bogus caller button is alarm that allows or vulnerable elderly people living alone to call for help should they fear a caller to the door is undesirable.

The idea would be to place the button near the front or back door, to allow an alarm call to be easily and discreetly placed to the monitoring center. When pressed, the bogus caller button activates a silent call for help to the monitoring center. The operator can advise the user and listen to and record the call, escalating the situation if required and can provide evidence admissible in court. This device can enhance the security and safety of your loved one who lives alone and needs elderly home care.

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WISE Home Kit

The WISE Home Kit is a smart home solution that allows you to control and monitor your home devices remotely via your smartphone or tablet. You can use the WISE app to turn on/off lights, adjust the thermostat, view live video from cameras, and more. You can also create scenes and schedules to automate your home devices according to your preferences and routines. The WISE Home Kit is compatible with various smart home products from different brands, such as Philips Hue, Nest, Ring, and more. The WISE Home Kit is easy to install and use, and can enhance your home security, comfort, and convenience. This kit can also help you stay connected and involved with your loved one who receives home care from Tunstall or other providers.

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iVi Fall Detector

The iVi Fall Detector is a wearable device that can detect falls and raise an alarm automatically. The device can be worn around the neck, on a belt, or as a brooch, and has a help button that can be pressed manually to call for assistance. The device also has a cancel button that can be used to stop the alarm if no help is needed. The iVi Fall Detector can communicate with a Tunstall Lifeline home unit or other compatible telecare systems, and sends alerts to the monitoring center or family members. The device is lightweight, discreet, and water-resistant, and can provide peace of mind and protection for elderly people living alone or with reduced mobility. This device can be a valuable addition to your loved one’s eldery home care plan, as it can prevent serious injuries or complications from falls.

Tunstall Care Assist Pager

The Tunstall Care Assist Pager is a portable device that can receive alerts from multiple telecare sensors and notify the carer of the type and location of the sensor activated.

The device has a clear, luminous display and can alert the carer with sound, vibration, or both.

The device can be used by carers working or living on site, and can help them provide a high quality, non-intrusive care. The device can also log the alerts for future reference.

The Tunstall Care Assist Pager is battery-operated and pocket-sized, and can be used with a range of telecare sensors, such as smoke detectors, fall detectors, door contacts, and more.

This device can help you or other carers provide better home care for your loved one, as it can alert you of any emergencies or issues that need your attention.

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Arm/Disarm/Zoning Trigger

The Arm/Disarm/Zoning Trigger is a device that allows users to arm or disarm the intruder functionality of their telecare system with a push of a button.

The device can also be used to enable or disable certain zones of sensors, such as movement detectors, to allow users to move freely in some areas without triggering an alarm.

The device has a key fob attachment that can be attached to a key ring, and a wall mounting clip that can be placed near the entrance or exit.

The device can communicate with a Tunstall Lifeline home unit or other compatible telecare systems, and can provide convenience and security for users and carers.

This device can help your loved one feel more comfortable and independent in their home, while still receiving the home care they need.


Digital solutions provided by Tunstall Emergency Response offer a myriad of benefits that allow your loved ones to live at home independently instead of in a care home. From remote monitoring and assistance to fall prevention and enhanced social connection, these technological advancements provide practical solutions for the challenges seniors face. By utilising digital solutions families can ensure their loved one’s safety well-being & quality of life while enabling them to age gracefully in the familiar and comforting environment of their own homes.

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