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Our leadership team led by James Doyle our CEO possesses an extensive understanding of the needs of individuals within their homes and the healthcare system, ensuring the delivery of top-tier product solutions that benefit clients, staff, and loved ones who aspire to live independently in the comfort of their own homes.

Their primary goal is to provide cost-effective, efficient, and person-centered care and support solutions for those in both home and healthcare settings. 


James Doyle (M.D)

A (BBS) business graduate from WIT and has over 25 years’ experience employed in senior roles across the telecommunications industry.

He is in post for the past 14 years and has gained a wealth of knowledge of the telecare market in Ireland.

During his time in Emergency Response Ltd the business has successfully engaged and completed telecare and telehealth projects of scale across the island of Ireland.

Sandra Rothwell

Is with our company since it first opened in April 1994. She has graduated through several different roles to ultimately achieve the position of Monitoring Centre Manager.

She has upskilled herself educationally by completing external courses whilst also undertaking some internal Tunstall programmes.

She has a wide working knowledge of the various call types and issues that arise in the monitoring centre daily and also has a strong working knowledge of PNC our inhouse call handling software

Sean Harrington

Our installation and technical manager and is a qualified electrician with wide experience in telecoms and intruder alarm systems.

Sean has been in his current role for 13 years and has a wide breadth of knowledge of installations best practice, new and emerging technologies and products and maintaining older legacy systems.

Sean would be recognised as one of the technical experts in the Irish telecare market and a “go to” person for advice.

Tina Molloy

Our sales manager is a sales professional with over 25 years’ experience of sales and marketing across several different sectors.

She brings a wealth of knowledge to her role and has been employed in her current position for the past 13 years following a previous 7 years as sales manager in a large multinational telecoms company.

Tina is extremely well networked with a variety of health professionals, housing bodies and voluntary groups which gives her a unique insight as to what the market needs are and she in conjunction with Sean will source the required solution.

Billy O'Reilly

Our accountant, is a Certified Public Accountant with a Post Graduate Diploma in Insolvency from Chartered Accountants Ireland. Billy has over 25 years of extensive experience in both the manufacturing and service industries, with significant time dedicated to blue-chip US multinational environments. His expertise lies in financial reporting, taxation, and change management. Billy joined ERL in August 2023.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing team is dedicated to raising awareness about our product range, catering to the needs of individuals at home and in healthcare system in Ireland.

They are committed to addressing all product-related inquiries and designing personalised solutions for every individual or organization.

Efficiency and timely delivery are at the core of their processes. 

Monitoring Centre

Our monitoring center is a specialised facility staffed by well-trained professionals who monitor and respond to a wide range of alerts and signals from connected devices installed in the homes of the elderly or worn by individuals or in the healthcare system.

These devices can include wearable sensors, panic alarms, fall detectors, and motion detectors.

Our team consists of 30 operators, offering a balanced mix of both female and male professionals, who operate on a 24-hour roster.

Typically, each operator works between 24 and 40 hours per week, depending on their schedule. 

Our motto is ‘Enjoy Life. You’re In Safe Hands’
and we really do strive to assist you in enjoying your
life to the full with the reassurance that we are always
here for you, should you need us.

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