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Monitoring Centre: How It Works and How It Helps Your Loved One Live at Home Independently

Monitoring Centre: How It Works and How It Helps Your Loved One Live at Home Independently

Monitoring Centre: How It Works and How It Helps Your Loved One Live at Home Independently

Ensuring our aging loved ones’ safety and wellbeing becomes more crucial as time goes on, especially if they want to live freely at home. One valuable resource that can provide peace of mind for both the elderly individual and their family is our monitoring centre. In the following article, we will explore how our monitoring centre works and how it can help your loved one maintain their independence while receiving the necessary support and assistance.

1. Understanding our Monitoring Centre:

Our monitoring centre is a dedicated facility staffed by trained professionals who monitor and respond to various alerts and signals from connected devices installed in the homes of elderly or worn by individuals. These gadgets can include wearable sensors, panic alarms, fall detectors and motion detectors.

Our team consists of 30 operators, we have a good mix of both female and male operators which work a 24-hour roster.  An operator generally works between 24 and 40 hours per week depending on their rota.

2. Remote Monitoring

The capacity of our monitoring center to remotely track the health of your loved one is its primary feature. By connecting the various sensors and devices in their home to the monitoring centre, professionals can gather real-time data about their activities, movements & overall health. This remote monitoring allows for immediate response and intervention in case of emergencies, accidents, falls or unusual events.

Monitoring Centre: How It Works and How It Helps Your Loved One Live at Home Independently

On a daily basis, we answer a wide range of calls varying from reassurance, help required from a contact, help required from the emergency services and doctors and from lone workers.  Our clients are of various ages, ranging from young people to those who are young at heart.

We even have regular callers who ring us for a chat and we have built up a rapport with them over the years, we know their families, the names of their pets, what their hobbies are, some even ring us to say goodnight.

3. Emergency Response

The ability of our monitoring center to offer emergency response services is one of its main benefits. In the event of a fall, sudden illness, or any other emergency, the monitoring centre receives an alert from the connected devices & can quickly dispatch help to the individual’s location. The time it takes for medical help to reach your loved one can be drastically shortened by this quick reaction possibly saving their life or lessening the severity of an accident.

4. Inbound Calls/Alerts:

Calls to the monitoring centre are generated from different pieces of equipment, these include the pendant, fall detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors etc., when the call comes through to the monitoring centre the piece of equipment is identified which enables the operator to deal with the call in the correct manner.

5. Supported Living Schemes:

We have a number of supported living schemes that we monitor – these facilities enable residents to live independently in the home with assistance, should they need it.  These facilities have a scheme manager on site or family members that can be contacted if help is required.

6. Enhanced Safety:

The installation of Home Living Technology Product Solutions in the home can enhance the

overall safety of your loved one. Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and flood sensors can alert the monitoring centre in case of emergencies, enabling quick action to prevent further damage or harm. Bogus Caller Button can provide added security, allowing both you and your loved one should they be at any potential risks or intrusions.

7. Out of Hours Team:

The Monitoring Centre have a dedicated Out of Hours Team who take Out of Hours Calls for a number of Housing Associations – this is where a tenant may have an emergency issue within their property.  Calls are logged and passed to various nominated contractors.  In 2022 we received a total of 4965 OOH Calls

We also take Out of Hours calls for a number of Care Providers, these are calls from either carers or clients who need assistance outside of working hours.  In 2022 we dealt with over 1300 calls.

8. Peace of Mind for Family Members:

The peace of mind that our monitoring center gives family members is arguably one of its most important advantages. Anxiety and stress can be reduced by knowing that your loved one is being supported in the home and that assistance is available right away in case of an accident or a fall. Even though you are not always physically able to be with them, it enables you to feel connected and supportive.


Our 24/7 monitoring centre can be an invaluable resource for ensuring the safety, well-being & independence of your aging loved one. Through remote monitoring, ability to alert emergency response services, panic buttons and daily activity tracking, our monitoring centre offers a comprehensive solution for supporting independent living. Embracing this technology allows your loved one to maintain their autonomy while providing you, with the peace of mind you need to ensure their continued well-being.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team about our monitoring centre please call our care team at:

0818 999247

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