The PanPan Smartwatch is designed to set peace of mind for seniors and their families. It works with a monitoring platform for emergency reaction for family members to be informed. It has an intuitive user interaction with a single button. The features and technical details are as follows. 


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Key Features

  • One button emergency call
  • Two-way phone call
  • Live locations, location lookup, geo-fencing
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Pedometer / Activity recording
  • Integrated with PanPan platform

PanPan is a..  wearable device

  • Slick design 
  • Simplistic interface — Single button  
  • Portable/functional without any other device

A wearable device that protects you

Technical Specifications

  • Display: 1” OLED, 128x96px 
  • Location: GPS, LBS, A-GPS, 
  • Comm Module: GSM, Wi-Fi (for A-GPS) 
  • Battery: 600mAh 
  • Battery Life: up to 7 days (without location service)
    up to 5 days (with location service) 
  • Water/Dust-Proof: IP67 
  • Accelerometer 
  • Dimension(length,width,height): 5.5×3.1×2 cm
    SIM: Standard Nano-SIM card 
  • Charging Time: 2 hours (from 0% to 100%) 
  • Charging Type: Magnetic connector
    CE certified

PanPan, it just works!

PanPan is a… emergency tracking device

  • Real-time Locations
  • Emergency Locations
  • Recent Locations

PanPan is a… standalone emergency phone

  • Built-in SIM
  • Press of a button for SOS calls 
  • Two-way phone call

For additional information about the PanPan watch, please get in contact for more information.

National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

Individual Customers In Ireland in 2018

International Awards

Tunstall’s tele-assistance service in Spain was recognised for its transformational approach to health and care last night, winning the International TEC category at the International Technology Enabled Care Awards (ITEC), hosted by the TEC Services Association (TSA).