The IS76 Person Detection Beacon is designed to allow the locating of any person wearing a radio transmitter in the nearby vicinity. Its separate Ferrite Antenna generates a coded magnetic field which can be identified by the radio transmitter. The IS76 Person Detection Beacon may be used to locate patients suffering from Dementia and eventually prevent them from leaving the area alone.

The system consists of the IS76 Beacon Controller and one or two IS76 Ferrite Antennas. When it is not possible to realize a wire loop or if the reinforcement of the door is in metal, an IS76 Person Detection Beacon system is conveniently used. 

One or two IS76 Ferrite Antennas, depending on the width of the door, will permanently generate a coded magnetic field. These antennas are connected to an IS76 Beacon Controller, which will then send back an identification code to any radio transmitter in the area.


The S37L Wristband Transmitter with Locating function will automatically detect the IS76 Person Detection Beacon’s coded magnetic field. At alarm triggering, the S37L Wristband Transmitter sends the call for help to the NurseCall Main Unit along with its identification code as well as the position of the last passed beacon. The information may be used to locate the patient that has triggered a call for help, or send an alarm as soon as a “Dementia” patient is going through a monitored door. 

When passing each IS76 Person Detection Beacon, the S37L Wristband Transmitter refreshes its actual position. Therefore, the position recorded by the S37L Wristband Transmitter is always the one of the last passed beacon.

 The operation of the IS76 Person Detection Beacon is supervised. An eventual operation failure (broken wire or overload) is indicated by the front panel LED and by the opening of a “normally closed” relay contact that is accessible from the terminal block. The supervision output may be connected to an RAC-type alarm transmitter which can then forward the information to the Nursecall System.


  • Passage marking and efficient locating of patients
  • Reliable dementia monitoring
  • Guarantees fast intervention of staff
  • Expandable system (1 or 2 antennas), antennas can be installed outdoors
  • System operation supervision


The IS76 Person Detection Beacon is built to interact with the following devices:
  • S37L Wristband Transmitter with Locating function
  • NurseCall Main or Relay Unit

For additional information about the Person Detection Beacon, please contact us for more details.

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