Bed Vacation Sensing


The Bed Vacation Sensing system consists of three components; a bed sensor which is located on top of or beneath the mattress (depending on your choice of sensor), a door or motion sensor, and a unit which is used to alert the carer.

Bed Sensors
When choosing a bed sensor the size of the bed and other factors need to taken into consideration

Bed Mat.This is the first choice as it suits most situations provided it is used on top of the mattress. The mat is only suitable for single beds.

Bed Ribbon. This sensor performs like the Bed Mat, but has the
advantage of fitting underneath the mattress. The unit may not work well for restless sleepers as it may trigger at the bed extremities.  It can be used on double beds.

Bed Leg Weight Sensor.This is ideal for domestic style beds ,which are not often moved. It is set by adjusting an internal spring tension for
different users and beds will activate an alarm condition when the bed is vacated. This may not be suitable for small children and very lightweight users.It is applicable for single and double beds and,if required, two sensors can be fitted with king sized beds. It is robust, highly reliable and discreet.


Carer Alarm

This pager can provide instant or delayed bed exit alarms. It also has a unique “disarm” feature that leaves the system dormant during the day until the user returns to bed or chair.


Door or Motion Sensors
The Door Activity can be used instead of the Bed Sensor, or in addition to it in cases of nocturnal wandering. It is fitted on any door and alerts when the door is opened.

The Motion Sensor is positioned on the floor so it does not sense motion in the bed but sends an instant alarm if legs appear at floor level.  For bed vacation the unit is best positioned about 2 m from the bed and set on the floor. Normal movement around the bed will go undetected but once a foot appears in view the alarm is triggered. Alternatively by
mounting on a wall or tall furniture at about 60cm above the bed height, the unit will again not trigger through normal bed movement (which is now under the beam), but will trigger when the occupant sits up. The same mounting position but looking across a corridor or doorway will result in detection of clients moving in the area, while ignoring pets at floor height.


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