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CAIR Door / Window Open Sensor

The Door / Window switch will raise an alarm if the monitored door or window is opened. These are ideal for domestic situations, or care homes and can include emergency doors. The secure device has a staff reset button for their own entry and exit.

The sleek, wireless device has two buttons. The small button is an on/off switch, which can be disabled if required. The large button can be used by carers to enter or leave a property without transmitting an alert. This innovative device can also send a repeating alert if the door/window hasn’t been closed.

The Contact can be installed onto the frame, with the magnet on the door/window, or vice versa. With multiple mounting options, the Contact can be fitted with adhesive or screws.

Can be used in :

Care Home
Clinical Care Home
Nursing Home
Residential Care

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Ideal for:

Living Independently, Older Adult, Vulnerable

The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Carer Alert

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Alzeheimer’s, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

Key Features

CAIR Door / Window Open Sensor Datasheet

CAIR Door / Window Open Sensor Programming Guide

Additional information

Current Use

Carer Alert

Ideal For

Living Independently, Older Adult, Vulnerable

Also benefical for

Alzeheimer's, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

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