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The DDA pager solutions immediately alert telecare users or their in-home carers when a telecare alarm is generated. They are particularly useful for telecare users with hearing impairments or for live-in carers or family members who need to be notified quickly if the person they are caring for needs help.
Two different pagers are now available, one worn on a belt and a new pager designed like a watch to be worn on the wrist. When the Lifeline unit andMyLife adapter are used in conjunction, the pagers can inform the user which telecare sensor has generated the call using different coloured LEDs and vibration patterns. Each pager comes with a charger that is connected to a pillow alert pad. The pager is designed to be inserted into its charger at night and when in this position any telecare alarms automatically vibrate the pillow alert pad to wake the sleeping user/carer.
Further reassurance can be provided by linking a flashing beacon to alert the user with clear, distinct flashes in addition to their pager. Alerting the user is not just limited to
telecare alarms, the solution can also be programmed to alert the user to incoming telephone calls or, with the addition of a door bell, to someone at their door.

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DDA Wrist Pager Datasheet

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