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Door Activity Monitor

The Alert-iT door sensor is a small alarm detector capable of detecting activity at a door. It is ideal for detecting clients who may wander out of a safe area or need support when mobile.

  • Activity monitoring to warn when the door is opened.
  • Requires no intervention by the care staff
  • Door usage alarm. The alarm is latched and requires staff to attend the door to reset the alarm and investigate. Ideal for EMERGENCY doors

The unit is housed in small 40*110mm case, powered by a Lithium Coin Cell for up to one year, with an alarm on battery low. It is compatible with the P137 pager which can monitor up to 32 sensors (or the P138 for 3 sensors).

Can be used in :

Care Home
Clinical Care Home
Nursing Home
Residential Care

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Ideal for:

Intellectual Disability, Living Independently, Older Adult, Vulnerable

The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Carer Alert, Wandering

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Alzeheimer’s, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

Additional information

Current Use

Carer Alert, Wandering

Ideal For

Intellectual Disability, Living Independently, Older Adult, Vulnerable

Also benefical for

Alzeheimer's, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

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