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Enuresis Sensor

The Enuresis Sensor Is a discreet cotton sheet which is placed between the bedsheet and mattress. It will detect involuntary urination or incontinence and raises an alert if moisture is detected.

Enuresis sensors can be used in individual homes or within assisted living environments to support independent living.

It is suitable for anybody who suffers from incontinence.

Can be used in :

Care Home
Clinical Care Home
Nursing Home
Residential Care

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Ideal for:


The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Carer Alert, Wheelchair User

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Alzeheimer’s, Anyone Suffering from Incontinence, Dementia, Wheelchair User


Key Features

Enuresis Sensor Datasheet

Additional information

Current Use

Carer Alert, Wheelchair User

Ideal For


Also benefical for

Alzeheimer's, Anyone Suffering from Incontinence, Dementia, Wheelchair User

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