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Flashing Beacon

The Flashing Beacon is a powerful notification tool that alerts individuals that an alarm has been raised.

This particular tool is very useful where an elderly or hearing-impaired carer or loved one is in the home or where an individual lives alone and is hearing impaired or otherwise needs to be alerted that an alarm has been raised, the phone is ringing or there is a caller at the door. The Flashing Beacon uses powerful distinct flashes to get the users attention.

Different coloured LEDs on the unit notify the user of the device that has activated the alert. The Flashing Beacon is portable and comes with a mounted table stand. A wall mounting bracket accessory is also available. In addition to telecare alarms, this beacon can be programmed to alert the user to incoming telephone calls or to someone at the door.

Ideal for someone with a hearing impairment

Can be used in :

Residential Care

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Ideal for:

Hearing Impaired, Living Independently

The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Alerts for People Who Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Deafness, Hearing Impaired



*Please note that all our products need to link to a base unit. Our team can advise you as to which base unit is most suited to your solution.

Flashing Beacon Datasheet

Additional information

Current Use

Alerts for People Who Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Ideal For

Hearing Impaired, Living Independently

Also benefical for

Deafness, Hearing Impaired

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