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Sound Boost

Sound Boost is a speaker with a built-in microphone that increases the audible range of the Lifeline hub in the home, making it easier for residents to communicate with the monitoring centre when they need to.

Using a Sound Boost, in combination with a Lifeline, in areas such as the hall, lounge or bedroom, provides reassurance to the resident that they will be heard and reduces No Voice Contact calls and unnecessary responder callouts.

A small device that makes a big difference.

Can be used in :

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Ideal for:

Hearing Impaired, Living Independently

The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Alerts, Alerts for People Who Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Deafness | hearing impaired

How does it work?

Sound Boost replicates the sound from the resident’s Lifeline hub, via a wireless connection. The Lifeline hub and Sound Boost units can be placed in different rooms so if an alarm is raised, the resident and monitoring centre can easily communicate because the resident is closer to a microphone and speaker. This reduces the possibility that the monitoring centre operator is unable to assess the risk to the resident and the appropriate response can be provided, reducing No Voice Contact calls.

Key Features

Anyone with a Lifeline hub in their home will benefit from the extended coverage of Sound Boost.

Additional information

Current Use

Alerts, Alerts for People Who Are Deaf or Hearing Impaired

Ideal For

Hearing Impaired, Living Independently

Also benefical for

Deafness, Hearing Impaired

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