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Virtual Property Exit Sensor

When our loved ones become vulnerable, frail, older or a little bit impaired, their safety is first priority.

The Virtual Property Exit Sensor (PES) combines a Fast PIR with a door usage sensor (universal sensor) to create a solution which can monitor a door or multiple doors if multiple PIRs/universal sensors are fitted. The system generates an alarm if a client leaves their home (during the monitoring period) and does not return within a set time.

A quick code can be used to disable the Virtual PES allowing a carer to leave the property without raising an alarm, and settings can be altered remotely. By adding a MyLife X10 + DDA adapter to the system, telecare alerting devices such as X10 and DDA pager solutions can also be used

Can be used in :

Care Home
Clinical Care Home
Nursing Home
Rersidential Care

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Ideal for:

Intellectual Disability, Mobility Issues, Older Adult, Vulnerable

The Product is Currently used in the following Cases :

Carer Alert, Wandering

Helps with the follwing conditions:

Alzeheimer’s, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

Additional information

Ideal For

Intellectual Disability, Mobility Issues, Older Adult, Vulnerable

Current Use

Carer Alert, Wandering

Also benefical for

Alzeheimer's, Dementia, Intellectual Disability

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