Property Exit Sensor

Property Exit Sensor

When our loved ones become vulnerable, frail, older or a little bit impaired, their safety is first priority.

The Property Exit Sensor provides real time alerts when a client or loved one has walked out of their door and not returned so that carers can ensure their safety, or can ensure that they are secure.
The sensor can also provide an alert when a client has left an external door open for an extended period of time so that action can be taken to ensure that it is closed quickly and the building is secured.

We also offer a Virtual Property Exit Sensor combining a simple FAST Infra Red Detector with a door usage sensor. This solution is designed to monitor the safety of people with cognitive impairments who may be prone to leaving their homes for extended periods at inappropriate times of the day or night, putting themselves at risk.

The wireless sensor generates an alarm if a resident leaves their home (during the monitoring period) and does not return within a safe time period. A code can be entered into a telephone connected to the Lifeline unit  to allow a carer to leave the property without causing an alarm to be raised. This quick code disables the Virtual PES for the number of minutes to give enough time for the carer to leave the property. The Lifeline home unit supports a single Virtual PES which can be used to monitor multiple doors. The sensor also provides the ability to remotely change time settings when the client’s needs change helping to reduce service costs.

For additional information about the Property Exit Sensor, read the datasheet here by clicking the button.

National Awards

Tunstall Emergency Response received the prestigious award of ‘Best Providers of Healthcare Solutions and TeleCare Solutions’ at the Public Sector Magazine 2013 ‘Excellence in Business’ Awards.

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International Awards

Tunstall’s tele-assistance service in Spain was recognised for its transformational approach to health and care last night, winning the International TEC category at the International Technology Enabled Care Awards (ITEC), hosted by the TEC Services Association (TSA).