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Tunstall Emergency Response develops home care product solutions to suit our customer’s needs. We were delighted to create a solution for our customers David and Rita to help them with their individual homecare needs. 

David suffers from profound deafness and his wife Rita is prone to falls. Due to this Rita has spent long periods of time on the ground as David cannot hear her calling for help. 

Product Solution Options

Tunstall designed a solution to help our customers David and Rita live independently and safer in the comfort of their own home. First, we installed a Lifeline Vi Unit which is self-monitored.

For David we have supplied a wrist-worn DDA pager and for Rita, we have supplied her with a Vibby Fall Detector.

Should Rita have a fall, David’s DDA pager will vibrate and light up alerting David that Rita may have fallen therefore he can help her immediately. We also supplied David with a ‘pillow alert’ for night-time when the DDA Pager is on charge. 

If Rita happens to get up during the night and has a fall, David’s pillow alert will vibrate alerting him to check on Rita.

Another issue David experienced when he was alone in the house was not hearing the doorbell ring.

To help with this we installed a Flashing Beacon where the different colour LED’s on the unit would alert David that there is someone at the door.  

Case Study: David & Rita individual homecare needs, Fall Prevention

Our clients were delighted with the products which has greatly enhanced their living situation. 

The Price* Ranges from €899 – €1076.  

To find out more about our product solutions please call our care team on 0818 999 247 or

*Price will depend on individual needs & requirements 

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