The Alert-iT PockiT is a wearable device designed for those with epilepsy whose seizures presents itself through a decreased or raised pulse rate.

Developed in partnership with PulseGuard™, the Pock-iT delivers the robust reliability of Alert-iT failsafe radio, coupled with the physiological monitoring and ease of use that define PulseGuard™ technology. The Pock-iT monitors and processes a constant flow of data from the wearer. It then passes an alarm call to the Alert-iT pager should the pulse rate vary beyond the wearer’s regular pattern.



The Sensor

Extremely versatile and reliable, the Pock-iT is suitable for everyone from infants of five months right through to adults. Babies can start by wearing the sensor on their upper leg. Later, as they grow, the device is simply moved to their lower leg and ankle. Older children and adults can choose to wear the sensor on either the ankle or wrist. The unit is rechargeable with a battery endurance of up to 10 hours. The strap is designed for durability with optimum comfort, being soft, breathable, waterproof and made from a non-allergenic material.

The Pock-iT is designed to support the following seizure types:

  • Ictal tachycardia
  • Ictal bradycardia
  • Tonic
  • Complex Partial
  • Generalised Tonic / Clonic

For additional information about the The POCK-iT, please contact us for more details.

National Awards

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International Awards

Tunstall’s tele-assistance service in Spain was recognised for its transformational approach to health and care last night, winning the International TEC category at the International Technology Enabled Care Awards (ITEC), hosted by the TEC Services Association (TSA).